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What is a case competition?

An event where individuals or teams analyze and propose solutions to real or simulated business challenges, showcasing their presentation and problem-solving skills.

How do I qualify to compete?

Attend 3 out of 4 upcoming workshops. Make-up activity available for upon request to cover one workshop. 

Why should I participate?

Case competitions are excellent résumé builders and interviewing examples. They build strong analytical skills and enhance your public speaking and presentation skills. You get to attend outstanding workshops and network with top business leaders. Also, you can earn 50 ePoints!!

How do I find a team?

We will hold a team-building workshop where you can sign up to meet other members, you can reach out to any of our executive team, or you can make one with your friends!

How do I earn the 50 ePoints?

You can earn the 50 ePoints by attending at least 3 out of 4 workshops and competing in the First Annual KU Case Competition. 

How can I stay involved after the competition?

You can stay involved in several ways! You can apply to join our executive board, or, if you win the KU Case Competition, you may have a chance to compete with us nationally in Texas, Florida, Indiana, and more!

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