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Case Competition Tips & Tricks


  1. Read the entire case before discussing it.

  2. Brainstorm about the issues and what direction you should take. It is important that everyone contributes. Sometimes the quiet members have the best solutions!

  3. Figure out how you will resolve disagreements in advance. (Rock/paper/scissors)

  4. I recommend you use easel paper and tape the sheets to the wall so you can visualize the key issues.

  5. Identify the key questions that you will be answering. What is your charge?

  6. Have you answered the 5 W’s?

Case Analysis

  1. Conduct a SWOT analysis.

  2. Consider the environmental forces that impact the company (Porter’s 5 Forces) 

  3. Consider answers to the following questions:

    1. Are you increasing revenues or decreasing expenses?

    2. Are you looking into expansion locally or globally? 

    3. What is the impact for the various stakeholders?

    4. What is the goal or mission of the company?

    5. Is there more than one type of customer and competitor?

  4. Conduct a cost/benefit analysis of your alternatives. Are they realistic? Do they fit with what the company is trying to achieve?

  5. Be able to explain how you will implement your recommendation. Be able to back up your decision with data and state your assumptions.

  6. Prepare a financial analysis of your solution. ( NPV, Cost of Capital, Risk Mitigation)


  1. Introduce yourselves to the judges and shake their hands. Dress professionally.

  2. Slides should be clean and easy to read. Not too much text on each slide.

  3. Be careful of which colors you select. Some don’t copy well and are hard to read when shown on a screen.

  4. Give your recommendation at the beginning and then summarize at the close.

  5. Justify your decision.

  6. Think about a short term/long term strategy.

  7. Time yourselves for your presentation. You should leave a little bit of extra time. Know where you should be when the 5 minute warning is held up and then adjust so you can finish all that you prepared.

  8. Play to your presenters strengths. (Intro/close/financials)

  9. Break the barrier.

  10. Everyone should present.

  11. If it works, tell a story. You want to grab the judges’ attention at the beginning.

  12. If you are selected to go towards the beginning, you will need more background information than if you are towards the end.

  13. Know your material but don’t memorize!

  14. Smile and agree with your teammates.

Question & Answer

  1. Prepare appendix slides.

  2. Think about the question before answering it. It is okay to pause before answering.

  3. Step forward to answer the question.

  4. Plan in advance who will answer which types of questions.

  5. Give concise answers.

  6. Only one person should answer the question unless the question wasn’t answered.

  7. It is okay to ask the judge to repeat the question if you don’t understand it.

  8. Be sure to let them know your assumptions.

  9. If you don’t know the answer, don’t guess!

  10. Use humor if it works for you.

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